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About Information Intersection

This site connects the legal issues arising from considerations of privacy, data security, information technology, outsourcing, e-commerce, the Internet and social media, cloud computing, information management and e-discovery.

The convergence of technology and delivery systems is rapidly changing the issues facing the business community. As examples, software is now most often delivered, even in multi-million dollar implementations, over the Internet. Companies communicate with huge customer bases via social media, and employee use of the Internet – especially social media – continues to grow at an exponential pace. As convergence proliferates, companies are increasingly called upon to manage huge volumes and differing types of information. Privacy and data security issues, as well as basic information management concerns including e-discovery preparation, overlay all of these other areas. As technology converges, so do the legal issues.

That’s what Information Intersection is all about. It’s a resource where you can get a better sense of all the moving pieces, and how they intersect – and sometimes collide – with each other.

The site’s goal is to provide thought leadership – trying to help our clients and friends think about these issues within the context of the bigger picture. Its editorial board consists of lawyers from Troutman Sanders Cybersecurity, Information Governance and Privacy and Electronic Discovery & Data Management practices.